Thursday, July 05, 2007

Knitting mojo (here!) ...Blogging mojo (anyone, anyone?)

In the ever growing saga regarding my health, (skip this entire paragraph and save yourself the boredom), I saw a wonderful Endocrinologist last week and although I have all the symptoms and TSH levels that show hypothyroidism, she's running additional tests on my T3 and T4 levels to confirm. She's also running some other tests to rule out other diseases and such before committing to a fibromyalgia diagnosis. She thinks my last Dr was an idiot for not running additional tests to rule out positively everything else first. I definitely agree with her.

Mystery Stole 3 KAL is the most fun I've had in a LONG time and definitely helped me with my knitting mojo. I finished the first clue on Saturday and was semi-sad that I had knit it so quickly since that has left me with 5 days of no MS3 knitting. The only negative part to this KAL are all the yahoo digest messages that seem to be a complete waste of reading. As a matter of fact, it's only July 5th and there are already 1,400 messages that have been written. Who has the time to read all of that? In my opinion a lot of the messages are from people attempting to knit lace for the very first time ever, and they're clogging up the message system with whining about frogging for the 3rd & 4th time or asking for help since nothing makes sense, etc. Did these people not read the KAL description which states: "This year's stole is not recommended for beginning lace knitters, but if you are comfortable with lace techniques and reading charts, you should be just fine." I think not!

There will probably be no MS3 knitting on Sunday. I've signed up for two sock knitting / design classes taught by none other than Cookie A who designed sock patterns such as Pomatomus, Monkey, and Baudelaire, just to name a few. The classes are being taught at Unwind in Burbank, CA which is only about an hour from my home, so it's fairly close and in addition to finally meeting Cookie, I'm excited to meet other knitters who are as passionate about socks as I am.

In yarn collecting news, my next post should have photos of some new yarn. DH & I refinanced our home and since I made sure we took out some extra cash, I decided that I'm going to celebrate my birthday month by increasing my stash. DH said he was fine with that, but that's also because he knows I'm the penny pincher in the family and that I'd never purchase too much yarn. HA! We'll see about that!

In addition to the MS3 shawl, I've GOT to post my completed photos of the Handsome Shawl from Victorian Lace Today, the adorable felted bag I gave my niece last month, and the Feather & Fan socks I completed weeks ago. I'm also currently knitting Shedir and a pair of ankle socks for DH, but I'm pretty sure those will be on the back burner Friday morning when the MS3 clue is available. My blogging mojo is still missing though, so for those of you with access to Ravelry, you'll probably see photos of my completed items there first. By the way, my "name" on Ravelry is GuiltyPleasures. Sounds like a porn star name huh? Maybe I should change my blog name.. any recommendations?


Carole Knits said...

I like your blog name, I wouldn't change it. The mystery stole is looking great.

Angelika said...

I'm so glad you found your mojo again. MS3 really does it and just like you, I was done in no time and if nothing else gets in the way, I'll have clue 2 done by tomorrow night. Shedir is also on my list. Thanks for reminding me.

Yarn It said...

Oh my gosh, I full out laughed at your comment regarding "GuiltyPleasures" sounding like a porn star name! Seriously cracked me up. I have thought about that before but I actually like the name - that is the naughty side of me - your name is like a double entendre and I think you should keep it!

Love your shawl! I have only 3 more RS row to go...just in time for clue number 2!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Don't change your name, it's a good one! Sounds like that class is going to be super cool. I agree with the 'newbies clogging the system' concept. I took a class at a yarn store awhile back that was specifically for advanced knitters and several people weren't even sure as to how to cast on--it was annoying b/c a lot of time was spent on basic things that weren't useful for everyone.

Yarn It said...

Oh yeah, and I agree with you regarding the message is BOREDOM!

Laura said...

The 1400 messages are a lot easier to take if you ignore them. Change your Yahoo subscription for that list to "announcements only" and you'll get just the important stuff from Melanie. ;-)

I am *so* ready for clue 2!

Glad you're feeling better again, gf, and that you have a better doctor! Whew.

Karen said...

I know what you mean about the Mystery Stole mail - I just signed up yesterday and can't believe the volume of mail!! And I had my setting to the lowest amount of e-mails. Your stole is looking so beautiful. (And now I have a little help knowing what exactly I'm knitting . . . I joined yesterday and I'm only on row 40). I'm glad you seem to have found a good doctor now who can really help you. And how cool that you are going to meet and take classes from Cookie A!!!! Please do tell us all about them - if your blogging mojo kicks in!

KeanaLee said...

Oh I say leave your name. I like it & knitting is a little like sex; satisfying, something you look forward to & your a little sad when a job is done.

SJ said...

I am so jealous you'll be taking a class with Cookie! I want a full report -- and see if you can get a picture of the current color of her hair. ;-)

Cathy said...

A class with Cookie! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Socks are my absolute favorite thing to knit! I mostly don't blog about them because I'm afraid people will get bored hearing me go on about socks! lol.
Sorry about the clog up on MS3 - I had wanted to joing, but I DID READ the warning and as of now, I'm not much of a lace knitter, yours looks beautiful - can't wait to see it continue to take shape!
I'm so happy you found a good Endocrinologist, hopefully the end of the health woes are in sight for you - you've been through so much already. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way! Oh, and PLEASE don't change your blog name, I LOVE IT!

Judy said...

I'm so glad to know the endocrinologist is paying attention and will take care of you! What a relief that must be.

I'm jealous of your class with Cookie. How cool! I love her sock patterns.

Also love your blog name. LOL about the porn star reference. Wear it as a badge of honor. :-)

abby said...

Your Mystery Stole is beautiful! What yarn are you using? I totally agree about the messages from the Yahoo group. Meanly, I want to email some people off-list and remind them that they needn't respond to each and every message. But that wouldn't be very nice. ;)

Can't wait to hear about the Cookie class!

Kimberly said...

I haven't started my MS3 yet-my yarn is hopefully waiting for me at my parents' house. Yours looks gorgeous. I signed up for no mails at all except the really important ones-no one needs to read the whines. :-)

jillian said...

You know - my blogging mojo, and knitting to, has been a little off lately. Must be the summer heat.

Your stole is looking gorgeous. Love it in the black.

SO GLAD you found a better doctor. I hope you get answers soon. Isn't it the best when they make fun of a previous, bad doc. I've had that happen regarding a mammogram, believe it or not. I asked for one at 30, after my sis had been diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 and I have 2 aunts on my other side of the family that fought it. Plus, my mother had died of lung cancer not 3 years before. You know what she said? "Your breast are too firm to show anything and it's just a dose of radiation you don't need with your family history." I. Kid. You. Not. I will never forget it and I never went back. Some months later I was at another doc, and I mentioned wanting a mammo and what my other doc had said (testing the waters to she if she was better), and her jaw dropped open! Literally. She couldn't write the order fast enough and insisted I get a baseline now and a repeat every 5 years minimum. Boy those things are heinous, mammos I mean. However, when I went in, I was knitting during all my waits, and everyone there seemed to knit! The nurse guiding me around as well as the person who did the actual test. They all asked what I was working on, how long I'd been knitting, and during the test we chit-chatted about all the LYS's and stuff. It was pretty neat.

Micki said...

I'm so glad to hear the new doc is "with it." She must seem like a breath of fresh air.

Gosh, I'm starting to feel like I'm the only person not in MS3. Yours is looking fantastic.

Have a wonderful time at your sock class! I'm more than a little jealous.

tiennie said...

Glad you got a great Dr! Your mystery stole is looking so pretty! I signed up but only to see what is was. I don't know if I'll attempt to knit it.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Kristie, I'm sorry to hear/read about all you've been dealing with with the doctor! I'm glad that you've found a new one who is really listening to you. Your story is sort of the polar opposite of my mom's; she's been having lots of problems for years with arthritis and weight gain and exhaustion and seen dozens of doctors. Every single one tried to treat just one or two symptoms and would give her a conflicting diagnosis. She did her own research and determined that she had fibromyalgia. For years she couldn't get a doctor to listen to her or treat her for that. Last year she finally found a good doctor and he confirmed her diagnosis (and told her, basically, that all the other doctors were idiots for not listening to her). At least now we know what she's dealing with!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should change your blog name; I think it's a great name!

I'm glad you have a doctor who sounds like she's got it together!

I'll say you've got your knitting mojo back; you've been busy!!!

I can't wait to hear about your sock class; sounds great!

Have I used quite enough exclamation marks yet?!

Dipsy said...

I'm glad to read that you've found a new and better doctor - yay for that, and I wish you all the best of luck!
I really love your blog name too - I had to laugh about you thinking it'd sound like a porn star's name, LOL ;) No, I don't think you'll have to worry about that, it's a very unique and interesting name - please, don't change it!

ScrapHappy said...

You are so darned popular! I WANT 19 COMMENTS! ;) Maybe I need to knit more. Hehehee.
I am so glad I did not do MS3 b/c I would be one of those lameos. I know my own limitations!!!! Your stole looks AWESOME. Can't wait to see how it progresses, and how the classes with Cookie go.